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I'm not dead yet!

2008-07-17 18:11:00 by Dunkington

No I'm not! a new flash may or may not be coming to newgrounds but it will be on my deviantart. I'm just not sure if it'll be good enough. There is a lot of detail to it even though it's a sprite movie, but its only 1 minute long.

It will only take a few more days for me to finish because Im almost done. (obviously) I'll decide wether to post it depending on DA comments and what not

Also I'm just putting this out for the sake of being boring, but Back in April I starting working on what would be a 3-4 minute long Sonic vs Shadow fight.... It didn't work out too well (obviously again) but I'll give youz guyz a link just so you can mutter to yourselves "this sucks" or "your a faggot" JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT!!! :D

The EPIC PHAIL Movie of the century

I'm not dead yet!


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